In the Pine Grove by the bayou, the roots can be seen exposed on the banks.  They are mighty, tangled, and deep -- much like the roots of American music.  Join host River City Slim every Thursday morning for another trip to the Pine Grove, where he examines every root on the tree.  But don't think that this is some dull, scholarly exercise.  The Blues -- bedrock of American music, and the common thread running through all of the music on The Pine Grove Blues -- is not about succumbing to troubles and sorrows, but transcending them.  The cathartic pulse of American Roots music is a call to dance, to celebrate life despite its daily challenges.

So tune in every Thursday morning and start your day with some upbeat Cajun and Zydeco from the heart of the Bayou country, or some swinging California jump Blues.  Two-step your way to work with some Texas honky-tonk, or relax to a Swamp Pop ballad.  Fiddles, accordions, harmonicas, steel guitars, huge upright basses and vintage hollow-body guitars weave a sturdy support for the voices of American Roots music -- the voices you won't hear on commercial radio.