It's Hot In Here!

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Track Listing:
1.  I Just Want To Dance
2.  Back To The Bayou
3.  Johnnie Billy Goat
4.  Cornbread
5.  Good Love (Takes More Than A Minute)
6.  Gotta Find My Woman
7.  Itís Hot In Here
8.  Blues Du Tac Tac
9.  Part Time Lover
10. Good Time Woman
11. Iím Coming Home
12. Secret Sauce
13. Oh Mom
14. Itís Time

The fourth CD from New England's hottest Zydeco dance band is finally here! Collaborating once again with engineer extraordinaire Collin Tilton of Bar None Studio, The Zydeco Hogs deliver the goods. From the moment the opening track rolls out of your speakers, The Zydeco Hogs pump out some of the best high-energy Louisiana-style music to be heard outside of the Bayou State.

Through it all, The Hogs conjure the feel of a sweaty Saturday night in a jam-packed dance hall. As Ed McKeon of the New Britain Herald said, "When The Zydeco Hogs play the air is filled with the spirit of Louisiana French music. You feel the ragged joy of Cajun two-steps and Zydeco blues. You can almost smell the garlic and the stewing oysters, the humidity rises a few points and suddenly this isn't Connecticut anymore." See ordering info below.

Still Available - Rockin' The Zydeco World!

Click on Tracks 1 - 4 to hear MP3 samples!

Track Listing:
1.  Round 'Em Up
2.  Allons Danser
3.  Tee Black
4.  Rockin' The Zydeco World
5.  First You Cry
6.  Born In The Country
7.  Donne Moi Ca
8.  Broken Hearted
9.  Would You Go Back
10. You Used To Call Me
11. Jack Rabbit
12. Faire L'amour Dans Le Poullaier
13. Down In Texas Way
14. Hee Haw Breakdown
15. Katharine

River City Slim & The Zydeco Hogs have been "Rockiní The Zydeco World" throughout the Northeast for almost ten years, and now theyíre ready to rock your world, too -- The Hogs' third CD is still available! See ordering info below.

To get your copy of either "It's Hot In Here!" or "Rockiní The Zydeco World":

For credit card orders, visit CD Baby, the online source for independent music for a secure, online transaction.

For snail mail orders, send $15 + $2 shipping. Have your Money Order or Check made out to Peter Rost in the amount of $17.00 (US), and allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. To ship outside of the US, please include $15.00 for the CD plus $6.00 for shipping, (for a total of $21.00). Remember to include your complete shipping address.

Mail your order to:
Zydeco Hogs
31 Dorothy Road
New Hartford, CT 06057

So let's head on out to the dance hall, where the night is starting to heat up. Lace up your dancin' shoes, turn up the volume, and let's all pass a good time, cher! It's hot in here!