Who Are These Guys Anyway?

River City Slim & The Zydeco Hogs hail from the Hartford, CT area.

Bandleader and drummer River City Slim, the host of The Pine Grove Blues on WWUH, provides the beat. Slim is a lifelong Blues fan, musician and DJ. Slim was already a Texas/Louisiana Blues and R&B fiend when he was bitten by the Zydeco bug at a performance by Terence Simien around 1990. The Zydeco Hogs reflect Slim's deep background in Gulf Coast music -- he's played behind a slew of Louisiana and Texas luminaries, including Willis Prudhomme, Corey Ledet, Jeffrey Broussard, Dexter Ardoin, Andre Thierry and others.

Mark Thompson handles the squeeze box chores. For several years he was a featured member (along with River City Slim) of the pioneering New England Cajun band The Bayou Brethren. He has jammed with the best at folk and roots music festivals throughout New England, being spotted onstage with such Louisiana luminaries as the Basin Brothers and D.L. Menard.

Guitar duties are split between two of CT's best. Toad Eckert, our long-time brother of the road, has gone into semi-retirement. So when Toad isn't jacking the energy level up a notch or two with his churning rhythms and soaring leads, we feature Chris "Otis" Cross. Chris has led his own award-winning band, Otis & The Hurricanes, in the Fairfield county area for several years. He has also played in the NY-based outfit Zydegroove. And occasionally when the stars align, we get to play with both of them on the same show!

Bassist and vocalist Chris Bishop has held down the bottom for some of the best bands in the Northeast, including a stint with progressive rock band McKendree Spring, during which he recorded three albums and toured opening shows for the likes of The Eagles, ZZ Top, Fleetwood Mac and Frank Zappa among many others. Since relocating to CT he has been with Otis & The Hurricanes, a New England band that specializes in New Orleans-style R&B and funk. He joined up with The Hogs when the bass chair opened up and has been pumping out those funky Zydeco bass lines ever since.

Bonita Weisman's rubboard syncopations round out the rhythm section. Bonita's let-the-good-times-roll stage presence brings things to another level, and she is beginning to add harmony vocals to many tunes.

River City Slim & The Zydeco Hogs first came together in the cold New England winter of 1999. The Hogs made a big splash at the eighth annual Folk Next Door concert at the University of Hartford in May of '99, and haven't looked back since. The band has made appearances at music festivals up and down the East Coast, including a performance at the 9th Annual Cajun/Zydeco Crawfish Festival in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Other major festivals The Hogs have been featured at include Musikfest in Bethehem PA, the Great Blue Heron Fest in Sherman NY, and Rhythm & Roots in Charlestown RI. The leanest, meanest Zydeco machine in the Northeast is now poised for the next step -- coming to your town to rock the party!